Tuesday, May 3, 2016

LIteracy History

I learned my letters when I was two. My mom taught me to read and write. My mom read to me some Curious George or Clifford books I did like it when my mom read to me because I liked the stories even though I couldn't read yet. The first book I read was about a little savage boy called David my mom helped me read some words I didn't know. I didn't enjoy reading on my own. The first time I wrote my name I was 4 in prekinder class. I liked to write my name but then the teachers would scream at me because I would write it in all capital. I felt smart about reading and writing I just didn't like my school because of the teachers they were unfair. I liked going to school until 3rd grade. My mom told me that the first time I went to school I was excited that I wanted her and my dad to leave.

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