Friday, March 4, 2016


The conflict of The Rainbow Fish is that everyone admires the fish because of his scales. But all he does is show off his scaled or fin I don't know what they are called. One day this one little fish asked if he can have one of his scales or fins and the rainbow fish responds back with a attitude saying no you can't. Then he got sad and the next day the rainbow fish passed by and everyone turned on his back. The rainbow fish got sad and asked a starfish why no one wanted to be around him. The starfish said you should know why, go across the sea to get your question answered and to get advice from a very old octopus. The fish went and the octopus said by the way he acted he was hated and if he didn't want to be hated then he would have to share his scales or fins. He did as the octopus said and everyone was happy.  The theme is to always share what you got.

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