Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Notes: Was young actress now struggles with substance abuse can barley get work
People say she's different to when she used to play as hanna
everything she does is to sell music
Goes around in dumb outfits
Willing to make a fool of herself
She likes to stick her tongue out

Paragraph: Miley was, A young actress but now she barley does anything and has dug abuse problems. She use to be a good influence as a child but now she's a bad influence. She likes to make a bad person out of herself and by taking her tongue out makes her look even worse

Notes 2: She has everything a girl could want
She has millions of dollars She
She brags about doing drugs
Her father got bothered by miley's behavior
Many people got upset because of her behavior
Many fans and their parents felt betrayed by her behavior

Paragraph: Miley, Has any Object a girls is wanting. She's boolin with lots of millions and brags about her dug abuse and her dad billy ray got annoyed by her behavior many people feel really disappointed because of the way she acts And some people even feel like they were a sell out because of the way she acts and is.

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