Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Thoughts on animal testing

Q: Do you think alol animals should be treated the same? Why or why not?
A: yes because it would be bad if I were treated like that
Q: Many companies use animals for testing various products do you think we should test on animals? Why or why not
A:  No because they have feelings too
Q:is it okay to test on some animals? Why or why not?
A:No because they have to live their life
Q:if their was a life that would save 1,000,000,000 life's would it be okay to test it on them?
A: no because what if it fails

Monday, November 21, 2016


I learned that a miss copy of DNA can cause a mutation 
The most interesting I've learned is the snake mutation 
Yes because it is fun
Write nun sloppy 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

LIteracy History

I learned my letters when I was two. My mom taught me to read and write. My mom read to me some Curious George or Clifford books I did like it when my mom read to me because I liked the stories even though I couldn't read yet. The first book I read was about a little savage boy called David my mom helped me read some words I didn't know. I didn't enjoy reading on my own. The first time I wrote my name I was 4 in prekinder class. I liked to write my name but then the teachers would scream at me because I would write it in all capital. I felt smart about reading and writing I just didn't like my school because of the teachers they were unfair. I liked going to school until 3rd grade. My mom told me that the first time I went to school I was excited that I wanted her and my dad to leave.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


If I was illiterate my life would be difficult. I would not be able to read or write. I would not read anything. Or even know how to say a word because if I wanted to say words I would have to learn them by reading and writing. It would be so difficult not  being able to communicate with anyone or to get inside the worlds of books or to understand pictures. You wouldn't get the same quality of jobs as other people you would you would get a lower quality of jobs. You would have problems making friends. Would not be treated the same you probably would be stressed out and hard because when you would go to the stores you could not see the prize and size of the label or would not know what does the label say if you're allergic to something.

Monday, March 21, 2016


The story if how Branch Rickey got jackie in the majors. Branch was looking for black players to play baseball and wanted people to have equal sitting in the stadium. Jackie started of playing with other dark skin people in small leagues. He played for the Montreal Royals before getting hired to the big league. Branch wanted a player that was good and mature so that's why he got Jackie because Jackie didn't fight back when the whites talks smack. Branch Rickey asked Jackie if he dad a spouse to support him to when he made it in the major leagues. Jackie accepted the request to join the major leagues and that's how he got in them.

Friday, March 4, 2016


The conflict of The Rainbow Fish is that everyone admires the fish because of his scales. But all he does is show off his scaled or fin I don't know what they are called. One day this one little fish asked if he can have one of his scales or fins and the rainbow fish responds back with a attitude saying no you can't. Then he got sad and the next day the rainbow fish passed by and everyone turned on his back. The rainbow fish got sad and asked a starfish why no one wanted to be around him. The starfish said you should know why, go across the sea to get your question answered and to get advice from a very old octopus. The fish went and the octopus said by the way he acted he was hated and if he didn't want to be hated then he would have to share his scales or fins. He did as the octopus said and everyone was happy.  The theme is to always share what you got.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Paper refletion

            To being with the hardest parts of the paper writing was that we had to read every sentence. From the website book and rephrasing the sentences. The most easy part from the writing was writing it and looking at the pictures. My goal for my next research paper is to try to actually work without talking and to not give up on reading. I think this will help me in reading focusing and would make me a better person from distracting other people and to have better punctuation.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Friday Blogger

  • Box Jellyfish have eyes on each corner of their box

  • Their Sting can kill you 

  • Located in warm 

The Box Jellyfish is an interesting sea creature. 
They is known to have more than like 4 or 5 eyes on each corner of their body. They have the deadliest stings in the ocean. They leave lines in your arms after a sting or a big bump.  It can even kill a person in seconds. The box jellyfish is located in warm water because of how thin they are.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Notes: Was young actress now struggles with substance abuse can barley get work
People say she's different to when she used to play as hanna
everything she does is to sell music
Goes around in dumb outfits
Willing to make a fool of herself
She likes to stick her tongue out

Paragraph: Miley was, A young actress but now she barley does anything and has dug abuse problems. She use to be a good influence as a child but now she's a bad influence. She likes to make a bad person out of herself and by taking her tongue out makes her look even worse

Notes 2: She has everything a girl could want
She has millions of dollars She
She brags about doing drugs
Her father got bothered by miley's behavior
Many people got upset because of her behavior
Many fans and their parents felt betrayed by her behavior

Paragraph: Miley, Has any Object a girls is wanting. She's boolin with lots of millions and brags about her dug abuse and her dad billy ray got annoyed by her behavior many people feel really disappointed because of the way she acts And some people even feel like they were a sell out because of the way she acts and is.